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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pod B Episode 8

This is a multi-posting episode as it is made up of 6 individual podcasts.

The Grade 11 Information Technology in a Global Society class held an in-class debate recently. Their topic was:

"Censorship of the Internet is necessary to protect students from unacceptable online content"

For a full outline and summary of each speaker read the ITGS Forum posting.
The debate was conducted with 3 speakers on the FOR and 3 on the AGAINST side.
Here are the individual podcasts of each speaker. Which team do you think should have won the debate?

FOR Team: Arpit, Shaveena and Wasi
AGAINST Team: Saif, Reem, Mehrab

Speaker 1 FOR: Arpit (Listen to the podcast)
Speaker 1 AGAINST: Saif (Listen to the podcast)
Speaker 2 FOR: Shaveena (Listen to the podcast)
Speaker 2 AGAINST: Reem (Listen to the podcast)
Speaker 3 FOR: Wasi (Listen to the podcast)
Speaker 3 AGAINST: Mehrab (Listen to the podcast)

We hope you enjoy listening to the debate.


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